Sunday, January 29, 2012

I-600 A approval

Hey everyone! Haven't posted in awhile....haven't really had any news. BUT we got some important news yesterday!! Our I-600 A was approved. Our fingerprints have cleared and we are approved for up to two children, either gender, up to age 6! I thought we were only approved for a boy up to age three with a sibling....but we could be getting an older child. In the beginning, I really thought I wanted a baby boy. But as we continue on this journey, I've totally handed it over to God and decided to let Him give us the child (or children) that he wants us to have. This past week, a family from our same adoption agency came home from Kinshasa, Congo with their new 5 yr old daughter. This little girl was glowing!! I am realizing that the older children need hope too! (and Brooklyn really wants a sister close to her age) :) We have all talked about what we would name a girl and we all like the name Brynlee! What do you think? So maybe we'll have an Eden and Brynlee! Who knows??
Getting our finger prints cleared was our next step before getting our referral! So hopefully it won't be too long now!! I am terrible at being patient, but I am learning that good things do come to those who wait :)
I also want to tell you that we are planning a spaghetti dinner fundraiser coming up in April. I will be posting more details later!

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  1. That's so exciting!! It looks like we are at the exact same point as you guys! Maybe one day we will travel across the world together:)