Thursday, December 1, 2011

The name Eden

One night while we were talking about adopting, we were talking about what we might name our new son. We decided that we needed to even things up since we have Brooklyn, Brylee, and Elijah. We would definately need an E name :) I googled some names and we all decided that we liked the name Eden. This is funny, because John was not excited about adopting at this time at all. He was teasing me with the idea :)
The very next day, the kids and I went to Once upon a Child (a used children's clothing and toy store). Brooklyn found a Build-a-bear puppy that she wanted and I agreed that she could get it. When we got home, she said, "mommy can you cut this tag off?" Without paying attention, I cut the tag off, and just glanced at the tag before I started to throw it in the trash.
Here's who the puppy belonged to before:
Some may say that was just a coincidence, but I know that was a God-thing! Every time I even begin to doubt, God is right there cheering me on!

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